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Our Mission

Vision Statement of the Montagnard Assistance Project

To provide financial and humanitarian assistance to Montagnard asylum seekers and refugees who have fled persecution in Vietnam.
The Power to Effect Change

At Montagnard Assistance, we never lose sight of what drives our efforts: Dedicated people who are ready to make change happen now. 

The Montagnard Assistance Project was created to provide opportunities for sanctuary, resettlement, education, freedom, and empowerment for the Montagnard refugees and asylum seekers through the following goals and commitment: 

To advocate that the government of Vietnam end its persecution and oppression of the Montagnard people,
To work for the successful approval status of refugees, and transition to North Carolina USA communities, or to any third party countries willing to accept the Montagnards.
To coordinate legal assistance through relationships with several NGO’s for those who require it, as well as to provide interpreters for the interview process.
To provide financial assistance for the release of those Montagnards being held in IDC prison in Bangkok.
To provide funding for housing, food and basic necessities for those most needy, and not protected by UNHCR. 
To provide funding for special circumstances concerning health care needs and medical emergencies. MAP will work directly with trusted volunteers (or in the future, staff) in Bangkok and Phnom Penh and who will report weekly with needs assessment and financial accountability. 
To cooperate and advocate with UNHCR and U.S. Government entities in establishing communications relative to the specific applications or status of asylum seekers.
 To build good relationships with these entities to obtain accurate information by which the program will guide asylum seekers through the process to gain protected status as refugees.
 To give as an option the support of Vinh Son Orphanage in Kontum, Vietnam which provides care and education for roughly 800 Montagnard children through the “Sisters of Miraculous Medal”  
To  enlist volunteers in North Carolina to act as mentors and sponsors of new refugees, as well as working with the Montagnard youth in assimilating them into the best environment to succeed academically and be positive contributors to their communities, and to prepare them as leaders of tomorrow.
To develop existing relationships with local churches, communities and past sponsors, get signed letters of commitment on future assistance with refugee resettlement and sponsorship.
All decisions regarding which individuals will be directly supported by MAP will be by the executive committee.
Annual updates on the situation in SE Asia will be conducted by 
 -Members of the board of directors 
 -Executive committee members
 -Volunteers who have an existing commitment to MAP
MAP will also create a Montagnard Advisory Board made up of asylum seekers or refugees in any SE Asian nation that MAP conducts business, with counterparts from the various North Carolina Montagnard communities. 
MAP board of directors will be nominated for 2 year periods, with candidates taken from those with past experience in working with Montagnard refugees, medical, past military or government advisory experience, local church and community leaders.
MAP executive committee will be made up of 5 members, each serving 2 year commitment, and responsible for the day to day decisions regarding candidates we support, effecting and planning of projects, fundraising, and responsible to the board of directors for submitting plans that either exceed a certain commitment financially, or will serve more than one individual.
Active fund raising campaigns will be maintained through social media, Facebook and Go Fund Me, as well as through the Montagnard Assistance Project website. Full use of all social media assets will be utilized to maximize the specific cases and how funds will be utilized.
MAP will retain a CPA for audit of financials, and also fully engage the executive committee and board of directors to insure transparency, accountability, and monitoring of each project and efficiency. MAP will utilize assessment and monitoring software to measure project performance.

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Mission Statement of the Montagnard Assistance Project (MAP)

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